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Guys… I need your help. This is my cat, Orion. And he’s been missing for a couple of days now 😰
If you live in the Bellingham, Washington area and are close to Whatcom falls/ Galbraith please let me know if you’ve seen him around! He’s my bestest little buddy in the world…

There are a few black male cats at the Humane Society currently. I would check there if you haven’t already! Good luck.

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked
I like yer tum.

My belly? Lol anon okay ^_^ if you want to see more of that you should prolly go to my active blog @roboskwid


I just found the first actual story I ever wrote… It’s really terrible but I kinda wanna redo it or make it into something. And it’s so cool! I mean the idea at least- I wrote this in middle school so it’s kind of surprising

jackthefrostysprite asked
yes yes come into my arms *flops on*

All I can do is imagine us with our faces but only they’re attached to fish bodies and we’re flopping together. Flop flop motherfucker.

insidiousinsomniac asked
*whispers* yellow. AGAHAHA NO REGRETS




jackthefrostysprite asked
*puts on sungglasses and a gold chain* I PITY THE FOOL

*puts on snuggleglasses* AWWW YEA. Now c’mere and give me a hug

jackthefrostysprite asked
Yes yes, proper eye protection is a must. And don't do drugs. don't be a fool, stay in school

I pity the fool who don’t go to school

jackthefrostysprite asked
I will never be anything but gentle with you, mon cher~ Come, I shall take you away, and ride off into the sunset on yo- i mean with you

*takes your hand* then let us goooo! But don’t forget that looking into the sun is a no no. Always wear your sunglasses kids~

jackthefrostysprite asked
whoa now *puts on rubber gloves* all the lovings are belong to me *waggles eyebrows*

I-I’m scared… Please be gentle •///^///•